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MFL at Red Hall

With languages, you are at home anywhere ~ Edmund De Waal

What is the intent of our MFL curriculum?

At Red Hall, we aim to provide our pupils with a rich and deep learning experience, which prepares them to respect diversity and individuality. Learning another language provides children with an understanding of differing cultures to their own, and enables them to develop the skills to communicate and gain ideas and experiences from a variety of people, communities and cultures. At Red Hall, we teach the language French. Our main secondary feeder school requires children to have some understanding of any language, therefore we are preparing children for KS3.

How do we implement our MFL curriculum?

We have a clear progression of key topics, with skills and vocabulary which must be taught each term, from Y1-6, which is taken from the Scheme we follow, Language Angels. In KS1, children will learn basic language for topics, which will be developed further as they progress through KS2. There are a wide range of resources available for teaching staff to access in order to assist in the delivery of MFL lessons, using a range of visual, audio and kinaesthetic activities to promote good progress from all pupils in this area of the curriculum. Opportunities are given regularly for children to apply their knowledge and vocabulary they have been learning through songs, puzzles and short bursts of writing.

What is the impact of our MFL curriculum?

Children gain an understanding of another culture and the complexties behind another language. Their brains are more adept at picking up different sounds, accents and language and their ability to make connections between the different languages allows them to understand and retain new vocabulary more quickly.

What experiences will the children receive in MFL?

MFL lessons which will be memorable and full of fun, using a range of resources to develop their understanding of French as a foreign language, which in turn, aims to develop their interest in the culture of other nations and communities.

By the end of their time at Red Hall, what will all our children have taken from MFL?

A secured knowledge and understanding of basic vocabulary in French and be able to speak in sentences, using familiar vocabulary, phrases and basic language structures. Children will have developed a wider cultural understanding through our enriched and broad curriculum to which the teaching of MFL contributes. Children will be enthused by their learning, with a passion and love for learning modern foreign languages and be keen to progress their knowledge and understanding further as they progress into KS3.

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