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Attendance and Punctuality

We believe that in order to facilitate teaching and learning, good attendance is essential. Pupils cannot achieve their full potential if they do not regularly attend school or regularly arrive on time.

At Red Hall Primary School, we believe, good habits of regular attendance and punctuality are vital for effective learning to take place and are important disciplines for future life. We recognise the disruption absence and lateness cause, to both to the education of the individual and to the rest of the class. We also accept that in school the main responsibility for ensuring regular, punctual attendance rests with the parents and not the children themselves.

If your child is absent from school please telephone the school office on the first day of absence and send in a note to the class teacher stating the reasons for absence.


Are to booked as far in advance as possible, parents will attempt to book medical and dental appointments outside of school hours. Where this is not possible, a note and appointment card will be sent to the school office.  If the appointment requires the pupil to leave during the school day, they will be signed out at the school office by a parent.  Pupils will attend school before and after the appointment wherever possible.

Rewarding Good Attendance

Termly the school acknowledges high levels of attendance (99%+) in either of the following ways;

  • Bowling Experiences
  • Cinema trip
  • Party entertainment
  • Certificates

Weekly good attendance and punctuality is celebrated in the following ways:

  • Marvellous me badges and messages
  • Rewards raffle
  • House points
  • Ice lollies for the best class

Children who achieve 100% attendance for the full academic year will receive a certificate and a prize, presented in front of the whole school. 


Leave of Absence Requests

New regulations for taking holidays in term time

The Department for Education has made amendments to the regulations which previously allowed Headteachers’ the discretion to grant holidays taken during term time. The new regulations come into force from 1st September 2013 and we have had to revise our school policy based upon the new government legislation which states, in summary, that:

  • The current law does not give parents any entitlement to take their children out of school for a holiday during term time.
  • Any application for leave must only be in ’exceptional’ circumstances and the Headteacher must be satisfied that the circumstances are ‘exceptional’ and warrant the granting of leave.
  • In ‘exceptional’ circumstances, a request for absence must be made in advance, to the Headteacher, who will inform you of the decision prior to booking your holiday.
  • If a request for leave is not authorised by the Headteacher and the pupil goes on holiday, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised, which then stays on the child’s permanent record.

We are required by law to report unauthorised absences to the Local Authority, who may issue a Fixed Penalty Notice, which means a parent may be fined by the Education Welfare Service. The regulations do stipulate that fixed penalty fines will be issued and from 1st September 2013 parents must pay £60 within 21 days or £120 within 28 days. Due to equalities legislation, fixed penalty notices will now be issued to all parents who have parental responsibility and whom can be traced. This means that both the father and mother of a child will receive separate fines, under the new regulations, and that each parent will incur a fine for each child. Please be aware that the proceeds from the fixed penalty fines DO NOT go to the school.

N.B. Any requests for leave during September will not be authorised as this is an important time for settling into a new class/school. Similarly, leave of absence will not be authorised for year 6 pupils in the term prior to SATS or the weeks leading up to them.

Further information and guidance can be found on the DfE website

Holidays in School Time Information for Parents

Fixed Penalty Notices Information for Parents

Penalty Code of Conduct

To request any leave of absence, this must be done by completing the leave of absence form available from the main office, or alternatively you can download and print out the form here. Leave of Absence

National Attendance Figures

  • 95.2% is the National Attendance Figure
  •  A child is classed as a persistent absentee when absence falls to a level of 90% or below.


The school day starts at 8.55am. However we open our doors at 8.45am to allow the children to get settled for the learning to take place.  As soon as all children are in the building the doors are locked for security reasons and entry can only be made via the main door.  Children who arrive after 8.55am are officially recorded as late in the school register as well as being in the ‘Late Book’.  Children who arrive after 9.30am will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

The procedure to monitor regular lateness is the same as that for regular absence which is set out in our attendance policy.  Equally, children should not arrive at school before 8.45am, as the playground is not supervised.

Nursery children are to be dropped off at 08.45am or 12.15pm, depending on their session.


Please don’t miss a session because you are late as it is better to be late than not in at all.


Please see our child friendly attendance policy Child Friendly Attendance Policy