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The Red Hall Curriculum – A Parent’s Guide

Curriculum for Parents

The Red Hall Curriculum for Parents


The Red Hall Curriculum – A Parent’s Guide

At Red Hall, we want your children to enjoy learning, about topics which interest and engage them!

Our main aims are for your children to:

 Be given opportunities to develop their understanding of subjects,

 Learn more and remember more,

 Have fun, through memorable moments

 Make memories!

Why do we do it this way and why does it matter?

We love it when we see children experiencing things, they have never experienced before, and possibly will not experience again. Their smiles, their laughter and their curiosity, which is developed during these experiences reminds staff, of why they came into this profession.

We create exciting learning projects around themes the children are interested in, to ensure that our children learn the skills they need in History, Geography, Art, Music, DT and many more.

How we plan our curriculum

Step 1 • In September, we ask the children what they are interested in and what they would like to learn that year…

Step 2 • These are then looked at by the teacher and teaching assistant and planned against what the National Curriculum (A Government document) wants us to teach.

Step 3 • Topics will then be planned around what the children would like to learn. • We call this, “child-led”

Step 4 • A trip / a memorable experience is then planned. These always prompt the children to think about what they know about the topic and what else they would like to learn. • . Sometimes these are paid for fully by school, other times we ask for a contribution towards a particular trip / event.

Step 5 • Teachers then plan a range of exciting activities to engage the children in their learning and help them to make progress.

Step 6 • This learning is then shared with parents, this is called an “express event” • Most of the time, these are documented on Facebook… So make sure you smile for the camera!