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Governing Structure – Link Roles 2021/22

GovernorTypeStart of Term of OfficeEnd of Term of Office
Julie Davidson HeadteacherN/AN/A
Deborah Barrigan Chair14/03/201713/03/2025
Mark HoustonVice Chair29/11/201828/11/2022
Governing Body
GovernorTypeStart of Term of OfficeEnd of Term of Office
Julie DavidsonEx OfficioN/AN/A
Deborah  Barrigan Co-opted14/03/201713/03/2025
Mark Houston Co-opted29/11/201828/11/2022
Mark JolleyCo-opted10/03/201502/11/2021
Kaye JogodzinkiCo-opted29/09/202128/09/2025
Sarah SmallCo-opted29/11/201828/11/2022
Hillary LucasCo-opted24/11/202023/11/2024
Mandy DentonStaff24/11/202023/11/2024
Debz FosterParent05/04/2019 06/03/2023
Andrew Buckton Co-opted 14/12/202113/12/2025

Standards & Curriculum Committee 2021/2022
Mark Houston Chair
Hillary LucasMember
Sarah Small Member
Debbie BarriganMember
Finance Committee 2021/2022
Andrew BucktonChair
Debz FosterVice Chair
Kaye JagodzinskiMember
Debbie BarriganMember
Mandy DentonMember
We are CARING………
Community (Personal Development)

Governor: Sarah Small / Kay Jagodzinski
To develop play, learning and development opportunities within the play spaces, both in and outside of curriculum time which embeds the core elements of our school ethos.
Aspirational (Quality of Education)

Governor: TBC
To refine and embed our approach to the teaching of English in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 to ensure phonics, reading and writing link cohesively as a whole across school, and prepare children for their next stage in education.
Respect (Behaviour and Attitudes)

Governor: Debz Foster / Andrew Buckton
To maintain the outstanding behaviour and learning attitudes in our pupils.
Inclusive (Quality of Education)

Governor: Mark Houston
To improve outcomes for children with SEND by developing our use of research and improving Quality First Teaching approaches.
Nurturing (Early Years and Quality of Education)

Governor: Andrew Buckton
To maintain our Outstanding Early Years offer following the major changes within the early years framework and to staffing arrangements within our own provision.
Growth (Leadership and Management)

Governor; Hillary Lucas
To futher develop leadership (inc. governors), at all levels, in order to ensure a sustained and stratgic approach to school.
GovernorsLinked to School Improvement Plan
SafeguardingSarah Small
CommunitySarah Small / Kaye Jagodzinski
RespectDebz Foster / Andrew Buckton
InclusiveMark Houston
NuturingAndrew Buckton
GrowthHillary Lucas
Health & SafetySarah Small (Incorporated with safeguarding)
Pupil PremiumDebbie Barrigan
Headteacher Performance ManagementDebbie Barrigan / Mark Houston