Red Hall Primary

Red Hall

Primary School

Believe and Achieve

Year 1

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there!” – Theodore Roosevelt

Our teacher is Miss Tapaszto and our teaching assistant is Mrs Morfoot and Mrs Lowery. We want the children to be the very best they can be and reach their very full potential. Class One are curious learners, ready to explore and investigate! We know we can’t always do something the first time we try but we believe in the power of yet! We don’t give up just because we find something tricky…we keep trying!

Theme News

This half-term our theme is, Tell Me a Story. This has linked perfectly to our big question “How big is space“. We have thought about the planets in space and began to explore who Neil Armstrong is. We have made our own planets and will continue to create our own rocket ships. We would love to leave a lasting impression on the world even though we are all individual and unique.

Key Dates

  • PE Days –  Wednesday & Friday