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Red Hall

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Lullaby Lane

Lullaby Lane Teacher: Mrs Bradford

Teaching Assistants: Miss Sewell, Miss Browning

Learning Through Play

Lullaby Lane’s aim is to create a happy and welcoming environment where all children feel safe, secure and valued. Our caring and approachable team of staff encourage all children to play and explore, think creatively and critically and most of all enjoy learning. During their time at nursery, children are offered a wide range of exciting and open-ended play invitations to investigate. We support them in becoming capable and confident learners whilst striving to give them the best start in life.

School Theme

Our school theme for Summer term is ‘Dream Big’. We focus on leading our learning and teaching based on the children’s interest and we will see what their fascinations are which will help lead this topic.

This half term the children have been exploring different jobs based of their interests. They have been looking at Firefighters and what they do including; saving people and putting out fires. The children have also turned our home corner into a café where they like to make people cups of tea and make them lots of dinner! Outside we have created a building area where the children love to dress up as builders and build different things using their tools.

One of the new areas we have put into Lullaby Lane this half term that the children love exploring is the farm area. We talk about what jobs the farmer does on the farm and also the noises the different animals make.

Nursery rhymes have also been a big fascination of the children in Lullaby Lane this half term, introducing rhythm and rhyme and strengthening the children’s speech and language.