Red Hall Primary

Red Hall

Primary School

Believe and Achieve

Lullaby Lane

“For children, play is as natural as breathing and as necessary” –Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld

In Lullaby Lane we have Mrs Bradford & Miss Sewell

Theme News

  • We have been acting out our story ‘going on a bear hunt’,
  • We have been working on our independence trying to put our own shoes on, we have even been incorporating our maths by deciding how many pieces we would like our fruit to be cut into.
  • We have had lots of fun making biscuits and cakes in our home corner and even outside in the mud kitchen.
  • We have meet and made some new friends and seen some of our friends go to big nursery.
  • Most of our children have loved exploring the new jungle area moving across the floor like some of the animals that live there.
  • We have also been practicing our fine motor skills by trying to thread cotton reels with some success.
  • We are planning on going to the library next week on the bus ( I think this will be an amazing journey for us all).

As we investigate more, I can’t wait to see what we find out…

Key Dates

  • Every Wednesday – outdoor learning.
  • PD day – 16th February