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Year 6

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts” – Albert Einstein

In Year 6, our teacher is Miss Henry and our wonderful teaching assistant is Miss Waters. We are lucky as Miss Hayman also teacher us every Tuesday afternoon and Friday! We love to work as a team in Year 6, as this helps to ensure children’s learning in cemented and that they can pass their own knowledge onto those around them. We understand that it is ok not to ‘know it all’ and that making mistakes help us to learn and deepen our understanding.

Theme News

Our current whole school theme is, ‘Magic, Mystery and Mayhem’. This feeds into our topic question of, ‘What might the diaster of the Titanic teach us about changes in attitude towards life, society and people’s places within it?’

To begin our theme, Miss Hayman gave us all a special boarding pass to access R.M.S. Titanic. This was our hook into our new learning and we were SO excited to discover what we were going to be exploring in this theme! We came up with many questions we would like to find the answers to over the course of this theme. 

We have also completed som Art Work throughout our theme, developing our sketching skills… We are VERY proud of our progress! 


In our previous theme in Autumn, we learnt all about the Victorian Era…

  • Who was Queen Victoria?
  • What was life like for a child in a Victorian Workhouse?
    We explored some sources of evidence before completing a diary entry as a child in the workhouse.
  • What was school life like for a Victorian child?
    One of our best lessons yet! Ms Akers came into our class and delivered a taster session of what it would be like to have a Victorian teacher. We learnt a lot and came to the conclusion, we much prefer school these days!!
  • How does the school system in the Victorian era compare to the school system in the present day?
  • What was it like to work in those days?

  • What was life like as a miner?

We had a fantastic visit to Beamish Museum! 

  • Some of our pupils have completed some amazing home-learning to develop their knowledge further:

Look at how we learn in Year 6…

Not all learning has to be boring or in our classroom… and we LOVE learning this way!

Key Dates

  • Wednesday 20th March – Wyvern Academy Trip to see High School Musical
  • Wednesday 27th March – UKS2 School Sleepover!
  • Thursday 28th March – Break up for Easter (optional 1:30pm finish)
  • Tuesday 2nd April / Tuesday 3rd April – Easter Booster Club
  • Monday 15th April – Return to school
  • Monday 13th May – Thursday 16th May – SAT week


  • Year 6 have PE on Wednesday and Thursday, unless informed otherwise.