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Inspire, involve and empower parents.


‘MarvellousMe is a game-changer for parent engagement.’

MarvellousMe engages parents by telling them about their children’s learning and success. It enriches family conversations about school and makes it easy for parents to help their children’s education and say: ‘Well done!’

Delivering a positive teacher-parent partnership, MarvellousMe makes it easy for schools to implement the best practice prescribed by experts like the Education Endowment Foundation. To build and sustain excellent parent engagement and positive behaviour school-wide. 

Designed by a once disengaged dad, MarvellousMe is different from messaging systems, social media and solo teacher apps. It involves and equips parents with personal, positive and progress-led news, and gives leaders the ability to focus parent engagement on important topics and school values, analytics to ensure whole school consistency, and peace-of-mind that data is managed centrally, securely and in the UK under the GDPR.

MarvellousMe tells you about the wonderful things that your child is learning, and pings you when they’ve been praised for good work, a great character skill, or received school rewards. It makes you smile, feel proud, and inspires better home learning support and encouragement. Plus, it helps you to stay on top of homework, events and other school tasks.

MarvellousMe is free for parents. You’ll get exciting alerts if you use it on your smartphone or tablet.



Download the MarvellousMe for parents app.


Enter your Parent Join Code.


Tap ‘Sign up’.


Enter your name and email.


To sign up and use MarvellousMe on your PC, please use Chrome as your internet browser.

Need help? Tap here for a walkthrough, or please visit our Help Centre.


I dont have a Join Code. How do I get one?


To get MarvellousMe, you need a Parent Join Code from your child’s teacher. This creates a special bond between you, allowing them to send wonderful news and messages just to you.

Please ask your child’s school or teacher to give you a code.