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Our Red Hall Curriculum

Our Red Hall Curriculum Approach


What learning looks like at Red Hall

When designing our curriculum, we are determined to ensure it enhances our school ethos and is underpinned by our aims. This is while ensuring our children appreciate and have a sense of pride for where they live, for the Red Hall estate and for the wider world.

Using the main principles of our ethos and following the fascinations of our children, has allowed us, as a staff to work together to create termly, whole school ‘themes’, bespoke and matched to the National Curriculum and subject specific requirements, for each year group.

Whilst our curriculum has an overarching intent, implementation and impact, each subject requires an approach, tailored to the needs of our children.  (The subject specific curriculum information can be found below).


Our children will

  • Be at the centre of all the learning that takes place in our school.
  • Be encouraged to take risks.
  • Bring with them, deep curiosity, potential and the ability to recognise that they are already capable
  • Have their individual talents supported and be helped to progress
  • Explore their own curiosities, questions and wonders.
  • Develop skills and values for life
  • Learn more and remember
  • Investigate and explore the world around them.



Whilst some subjects are often taught discretely e.g. Maths, RE, PE to name a few, most are taught sitting within a whole school theme

  • These whole school themes are open-ended, child-led and provide our staff and children, with the opportunity to explore and build an exciting curriculum journey around an invitation, ‘provocation or hook. This promotes investigation and exploration.


  • A whole class question, is created after carefully listening, observing and documenting the children’s voice. We encourage the children to research and co-construct how the topic will develop. We combine direct teaching with independent research, to ensure the children find the answer to their question, whilst encouraging them to explore and wonder.


  • Teaching will build on previous learning to deepen children’s knowledge, skills and understanding, through a range of activities, allowing them to become capable and confident learners.


Whilst we deliver our curriculum through a whole school ‘themed’ approach.  We value and plan for each subject using subject specific overviews which we link within our theme.  Our Curriculum Teams develop, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their subject across the whole school.

To find out more information about our bespoke curriculum for our Red Hall pupils, please click on the subject’s tab on the right hand side of this page.

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