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Nursery Teacher: Mr Hutton

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Morfoot and Mr Norgrove.

The children are at the centre of all learning in our Nursery at Red Hall Primary School. We follow their interests and fascinations, listening to any questions they have and encouraging exploration and wonder. We document this learning in our floor books, wall displays and in the children’s learning journeys. We begin each half term with a topic, how these topics develop is completely up to the children. We follow their interests and return to them repeatedly, building on their ideas and provoking deeper thinking. We value every child’s ideas and collaborate with them in the learning process.

Children love to ask questions, it is one way they make sense of the world. Children are able to pose questions to us and investigate the answers; we want to allow them to feel in charge of their own learning. We aim to use inquiry-based approaches to learning to promote investigation, in turn creating interesting, engaging and meaningful learning for the children.

Our learning environment has strong Reggio Emilia and Montessori influences. We use natural, recycled materials, which support open-ended play and encourage children to use their imagination. Every aspect of the environment is carefully thought out to encourage independence and to inspire the children. We do not just learn indoors, we take our learning outdoors as often as possible, in all weathers! We do various activities every day and send parents a message via Marvellousme to inform you of what your child is learning.

How your child is learning at home is very important to us. You can email the School to share experiences or come into School and fill in a Wow moment for your child’s Learning Journey.

We are trialling in the moment planning so we can respond to the children’s interests as they develop. We have also been trialling Tapestry to log some of our children’s learning. If your child has been added, you will have received an invitation to access this. We would love to hear your feedback on this.


Our school theme this Summer term is ‘Dream Big’. We are following the children’s interests and fascinations, and seeing where it takes us with our new topic.

Something exciting had been left in the woodland for our children to explore, 

Also this half-term, Mrs Bashford has went missing!. The children have been investigators sorting out this mystery and finding out where she is, they think the witch took her to brazil and we need to bring her back! On our investigation into Brazil, the children have been learning and exploring the Amazon Rainforest, which is where they think she has been taken too. They have been investigating what animals live there and have discovered people live there in Tribes. They looked at the ‘houses’ the tribes lived in and how they differ from our homes. They have been exploring different types of building’s including houses and castles and what makes them all unique. We will continue to explore this fascination…

Another fascination the children in Nursery have loved this half term is science. The children have completed a couple different science experiments. They have created their own lava lamps using water, oil and food colouring and they loved watching the colours mix and the bubbles form. We also did an egg-speriment, where we put three eggs in cups with three different things; water , milk and vinegar. We left them over night to see what would happen and the children were amazed to see the results the next day. The egg that was in the vinegar had no shell left!. The children began to talk about what comes from eggs and we are hoping to explore this fascination too… 

Reminders for children in school

  • Each child must bring their book bag each day, along with their reading record and book.
  • Please try to read three times a week with your child. We encourage you to re-read books with your child, this will help your child to remember repeated phrases and the more they see words the quicker they will become at reading them.
  • Please label everything! Jumpers, cardigans and water bottles are essential.
  • We do Outdoor Learning on a Wednesday but children have access to outside everyday, in all weathers.
  • We use our outdoor provision daily so wellies and a change of clothes are essential, please bring a set in to leave in school.
  • We encourage children to wear slippers when inside, so please bring in a pair to leave in school, that fit with our slipper policy.

Games and activities

Topmarks has a great range of subject related games and activities that can be accessed on a tablet or laptop –

Jack Hartman –  I love to rhyme –

Cosmic Kids Yoga Safari and nursery rhymes-

Dance Freeze –

Action song –  I’m so happy –

Shake our sillies out –

Key Dates

Date Event
Tuesday 17th May EYFS School Disco
Thursday 26th May Jubilee Street Party

Photo Gallery

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