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The Computing Curriculum

Computing is taught every half term, focusing on one of the three strands: Computer Science, IT and Digital Literacy. Throughout the academic year, pupils will receive an equal coverage of all three strands, alongside e-safety.

How we teach Computing at Red Hall.

At Red Hall Primary School, we believe that all pupils should achieve and reach their full potential. As a school we not only want our children to achieve now, but for their whole lives. We aim to provide them with an exciting, engaging and authentic Computing curriculum that will do just this!

Our Computing Curriculum, allows all pupils to develop skills and knowledge that will prepare them to be responsible digital citizens, in a technology rich future.  By experiencing a wide range of current technology, such as engaging physical computing devices (Beebots, Lego Wedo 2.0 kits and MicroBits); creative software such as 3D Paint and a variety of IT software, we aim to create confident, creative, curious and resilient individuals.  By experiencing the latest Computing software, we can provide pupils with purposeful, innovative and exciting opportunities in Computing learning, allowing pupils to make memories and experience things they may have never experienced before. Pupils will see the purpose of Computing and its endless possibilities, beyond the limited uses they are familiar with e.g. playing internet games or watching YouTube videos.

Pupils may have limited access to technology at home however we believe that Computing can provide pupils with a wide range of cross-curricular skills that they can use across a variety of subjects and settings. These include problem-solving, critical thinking, resilience and creative thinking.

In addition, alongside our PSHE curriculum, pupils will learn how to become active, responsible digital citizens online. With the majority of pupils being active online at a young age and with a lack of parental understanding, we deliver a curriculum that teaches them how to act safely and responsibly on the internet and what to do if they do not feel safe online.  We also aim for our pupils to be critical, informed users of the internet, meaning they can identify reliable and credible information. This will help them with research as well as making responsible, informed decisions as adults.

You can download our Computing Curriculum and Planning Overview, which outlines what each year group focuses on.


Computer Science Week March 22nd – 26th 2021

During Computer Science week, every class in school focused on developing our knowledge and skills in Computer Science. We learnt the key words for our year group and became computer programmers. We had great fun completing ‘unplugged programming’! For example, year 3 had to create an algorithm for ‘RoboScorer’; Year 5 and Y6 explored repetition and debugging through a dance routine and Reception had to program Mrs Bashford to avoid the water pistols.

UKS2 also had a virtual tour of the museum at Bletchely Park and learnt all about the history of computer science and computers.