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Believe and Achieve

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  Our school motto is  ‘Believe and Achieve’.    Red Hall Primary is a school where ALL children no matter what their background or academic ability, are given the skills to ‘believe’ in themselves and to ‘achieve’ their very best.    Our Vision - CARING Governors gathered words from our whole school community to create our vision. We are proud to be described in this way; Community     Aspirational  Find out more
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Tuesday – Get Outdoors

February 2

  • All children will need to wrap up warm and get outdoors today!
  • A pre-recorded video from Mrs Luxon will be uploaded, to show how to make a frozen ornament
  • A pre-recorded lesson from Miss Chauhan will be uploaded, to show how to sketch a drawing

Your job

  • The task today is for all children to go outside and complete the following:
  1. Early Years – you will have to go and find the rocks which have been hidden around the estate – please do NOT pick them up, instead just take photos of them hidden.
  2. KS1 – you will go on an adventure to find any loose parts, these can be stones, leaves, wild flowers, anything!
  3. KS2 – you will need to go on a hunt to see how many jigsaw puzzle pieces you can see in the windows.
  • When on your walk to find the rocks / loose parts / jigsaw pieces, a photo needs to be taken of something outdoors, that the children can then draw when they get back home. The video from Miss Chauhan will help with this.

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February 2

Marie Curie

Red Hall Primary School


Nelson Mandela

Red Hall Primary School


Albert Einstein

Red Hall Primary School


Rosa Parks

Red Hall Primary School



Felt very proud to watch our children, both past and present, as they performed in their dance show tonight 🌟♥️You were superb! Well done to all dancers, parents and backstage support! 🎉♥️ ...
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**URGENT**We have sadly had confirmation of a positive case of Covid in Year 6. Children in Year 6 need to isolate until 23.59pm on Sunday 25th July.Please could we ask that families continue to follow the guidance and arrange PCR tests.I know that some Year 6 pupils were due to attend summer schools at their secondary school and I am so sorry that they will not be able to participate in this due to the risk of them spreading this virus 😔😔This is not ideal. This is not what we wanted as a lasting memory of your final year at Red Hall.Stay safe everyone. ...
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What a beautiful way to end our Summer Term and say good bye our Year 6 pupils and these 3 whomove on to new and exciting opportunities 🥰🥰Thank you Miss Snowdon for organising it. We are so upset that you couldn’t be here today. We really miss you and our Early Years team who have been unable to be part of our last day at Red Hall. ...
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