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Little Leaps

Welcome to Little Leaps at Red Hall Primary School

Where small steps mean so much!

Welcome to our fantastic, Red Hall Primary’s, ‘Little Leaps’ learning hub.

Mrs Luxon has created this superb classroom, to support some of our Key Stage 2 pupils, who have needed a much more personalised way of learning. And Miss Hayman still comes in to support us whenever she can.

In Little Leaps, we work hard all morning. We use a mix of teacher-led lessons, hands-on learning and continuous provision (Cool Time) to reach our individual targets. Children have their own projects that they want to work on as well as work in their English and Maths books. Some pupils have been selected to attend morning sessions, catered to their individual social and emotional needs, as well as learning needs for Literacy and Numeracy.

Little Leaps is fully resourced and has a relaxed atmosphere to allow children to learn in a calm manner and reach their full potential. Children are encouraged to develop a love for learning through practical and fun sessions.

How your child is learning at home is very important to us. You can email the School.


Key Dates

Monday 18th October- Spooky Disco

Tuesday 28th September- Roseberry Topping Walk- we all had a great day and it didn’t rain!


Our Learning

Our learning has moved on now, we are looking at writing Fairy Tales with a twist and moving on to addition and subtraction. To support this learning we have a Fairy Tale zone in Little Leaps, different Fairy Tale books in our Reading Corner and the children will be developing the home corner so it has a spooky theme.

We have been focusing on instructions, writing instructions for making magical potions, to make play dough and to make porridge. In Maths we have been working on place value and numbers to 100, we will be moving on to writing, recognising and making numbers to 100.

Virtual Learning

If we have to close Little Leaps due to a confirmed case of Covid-19, remote learning will be provided for your child via Google Classroom and live lessons will be organised. The children have all been shown how to use this resource. Children also have ‘Home Learning’ books, which they have at home to complete work tasks in. Some activities for children will be completed online, where the children will then ‘Turn In’ or ‘Hand In’. Once they have done this, we will then mark it and return the work back to them with feedback and guidance.

As well as the planned virtual lessons and Google Classroom activities you can really support your child by encouraging them to use;

This is an online phonics, reading and spelling programme. Your child should know their log in information

Times Table Rock Stars
Children know their login details and love accessing this – especially when we are battling other year groups! The multiplication facts your child will practice are personalised to them.

Accelerated Reader
Above is the link to AR. This allows children to quiz on books they have read at home.

Children know their login details. This is a website to help children develop their reading skills. It provides a range of books which children can read online and many allow children to quiz.

Emile is a brilliant educational website which has online games to help your child secure their understanding in Grammar, Spelling and Maths

BBC Bitesize
There are a range of activities for all subjects on this website

Top Marks
A range of fun learning activities covering all subjects.

If you are struggling to log on to any of these websites, please contact us and we will do all we can to help


Topic News

This half-term we are learning about Fairy Tales. The Little Leap classroom has been transformed and we have new areas to extend and encourage independent learning, including a making station (for model making), a small world area (for imaginative play) and independent maths and writing areas with weekly challenges.


Homework is changing! More news coming soon.

Reading at home should be done at least 3 times per week. Reading Records will be checked on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at school. If you don’t have it, you will read at break time!


Every half term we invite parents to come along and visit their children. During this time parents take part in activities related to the topic. They have reported that they love to come and see how much their child has progressed and have fun with the activities themselves. This has been paused due to Covid-19 restrictions but we can’t wait to start them again. In the meantime, please share any fun activities you have been doing at home by emailing us photos or work at

 Little Leaps is proving a huge success for the school, child and the parents with comments, such as:

“My child now says I can read”

“My child wants to read and can now read”

“My daughter hated school now she skips to school”

“I can write”

“I can now keep myself calm”

“I can do my work now I have help”

“Little Leaps is a place for the children to learn how to express their emotions and learning”