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What Our Parents And Carers Think…

Our annual parent survey allows parents and carers to share their views about the school and suggest ways to help us to move forward.
We are always happy to listen to your worries or concerns and thank those parents and carers who took the time to share these with us.  The results from the 2016 survey were overwhelmingly positive about their children’s happiness, progress and the strengths of the school and we would like to share some of the things that were said;
  • Both my boys absolutely love attending this school and they also love doing all the different things within school.  I’m very happy with their education.”
  • “Communication is very good.  The interest you have in working with us is great, modern, forward thinking and the support is fab.”
  • “Gives the children good self-esteem and praises them well when they are excelling.  Good encouragement for them to keep going”
  • “We love as parents that we are always kept well informed on our child’s progress, any concerns that are raised or not.  We welcome the interaction between teachers and parents.  Also to be able to participate in some of the lessons so that we know exactly what our child is going through on a daily basis.  We have always felt part of the school and always made welcome.”
  • “You can clearly see how much the school has improved over the last couple of years.  Certainly Ms Davidson has improved the whole running of the school.  I am pleased she got the award for her hard work.”
  • “The teachers have great bonds with the children.”
  • “We have already recommended this school to other parents.  The school is very clean and presentable.   Great security, receptionist is always polite and knows who everyone is.  The nursery is fantastic, their reading program and borrowing library is fantastic, as well as the fact they encourage children to be themselves and to use their imagination.”