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“Play is the highest form or research”
Albert Einstein

Miss Newhouse is our teacher, she always wants us to have fun with our learning, try our best and become independent learners. Please check regularly to know important dates and find out what we have been learning.

Reception is a very important and exciting time where the children learn skills to enable them to become confident and independent learners. The children have lots of opportunities to learn and explore through meaningful play within our provision. The children will learn through a mixture of adult led and child initiated learning. Our aim is to create an inquisitive and creative learning environment to engage and encourage creative thinking.

We observe what the children can do, how well the children are learning and use this to plan their next steps. We document this learning in our floor books, wall displays and in the children’s learning journeys. We try our best to cater to the children’s interest to inspire and engage the children. We don’t just learn indoors, we take our learning outdoors as often as possible, in all weathers! We do various activities every day and send parents a message via Marvellousme to inform you of what your child is learning.

How your child is learning at home is very important to us. You can email the School to share experiences or come into School and fill in a Wow moment for your child’s Learning Journey. By letting us know your child’s achievements and enjoyments outside of school we can build upon these experiences in School.

Photo Gallery

We understand parents cannot always come to all the events we host at School.

Click here to see the full Photo Gallery for Reception.

Key Dates

  • Early Years Pet Day – Monday 7th January 2018: Staff are going to bring their pets in to spark the children’s interest in different types of animals.
  • Tuesday 5th February – Chinese New Year: The children will try some Chinese food and discover how China celebrate New Years different to us. We are already aware of any allergies the children have.


Each we learn new sounds and enjoy lots of activities, over the next few weeks we are learning simple words to write a letter to Santa! We are learning words such as: to, from, I, would and like. We have been writing these words in glitter, sand and sugar!

Topic News

We begin each half term with a new topic; how these topics develop depends on the interests of the children.

One day at School we heard an almighty bang, is was so loud Miss Newhouse squealed! We went outside to see what made the bang. We found lots of metal items and thought it was something that fell from space.

Our topic is, 'What is Space?'  So far we have found researched all the planets and we can even name some of them! We know some planets have unique feature such as Saturn has a ring and Mars is very hot.

We also looked at NASA landing a robot onto Mars, we thought Mars looks very different to Earth. We have made and labelled rockets and conducted parachute experiments to see which objects fall to the ground the quickest.

You should ask us what we know about Neil Armstrong. Some of the children watched Neil's first moon landing video and know he went to the moon in the Apollo 11, below one child painted the Apollo 11.

We are really enjoying this topic!


This week we have been focussing on height. We read a book called, 'Supermarket Zoo' and the main character goes in his car seat. This started a discussion in Reception about who needs a car seat? We Googled it ( and discovered you have to be over 12 years old or more than 135cm tall.

We discussed how old we are and no one is 12. One child suggested we measured ourselves to see who was 135cm tall. We all measured our height against the wall chart and no one was over 135cm tall! We compared who was the tallest in our class and who was the shortest. Some of us even managed to work out the difference in centimetres between our heights.


  • Homework is given out on a Monday in your child's homework book and is due in on Friday.
  • Each child must bring their book bag.
  • Please label everything!
  • We use our outdoor provision daily so wellies are essential, please bring in a pair to leave in school.
  • Each child needs a PE kit for Monday mornings. They can come into School in their PE kit if this is easier, or we can help the children change into their PE kit.
  • Make sure you read three times a week with your child. We encourage you to reread books with your child, this will help your child to remember repeated phrases and the more they see words the quicker they will become at reading them.
  • Finally, we have our Points make Prizes challenges for parents to help with. Expect some special prizes for these!