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“Play is the highest form of research”
Albert Einstein

Our teacher is Mrs Bashford and our teaching assistant is Miss Welsh.  In Reception we want the children to have fun with their learning, be curious and creative, try their best and become independent learners.

Reception is a very important and exciting time where the children learn skills to enable them to become confident and independent learners. The children have lots of opportunities to learn and explore through meaningful play within the provision. The children will learn through a mixture of adult led and child initiated learning. Our aim is to create an inquisitive and creative learning environment to engage and encourage creative thinking.

We observe what the children can do, how well the children are learning and use this to plan their next steps. We document this learning in our floor books, wall displays and in the children’s Learning Journeys. We try our best to cater to the children’s interests and to inspire and engage the children. We do not just learn indoors, we take our learning outdoors as often as possible, in all weathers! We do various activities every day and send parents a message via Marvellousme to inform you of what your child is learning.

How your child is learning at home is very important to us. You can email the School to share experiences or fill in a Wow moment for your child’s Learning Journey. By letting us know your child’s achievements and enjoyments outside of school we can build upon these experiences in School.

Our Class Promise

At the start of our year in Reception we made a class promise, created from the children’s ideas of what is important to them.

Virtual Learning

All children have been given a paper based Home Learning Pack to complete during isolation. Mrs Bashford will continue to upload videos and learning activities in the sections below for children to complete while they are isolating. Reception children will be expected to access the videos and complete the tasks set just as we would complete our learning activities in school. These activities will also support the children’s learning when they return.

We would really like to see how the children are getting on so please do share photos and videos on the private Red Hall Early Years Facebook Group or you can email the School.


We have been focussing on the story Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell.

Mrs Bashford has uploaded a link to the story for you and a photo of the story map. Please watch the video on our Early Year Facebook Page and practise the story map actions while you are at home.

Task 1 – Re-tell the story with the actions to everyone at home. Practise until you know all the actions. Remember to add in our new animal and the action!

Task 2 – We have introduced a new animal to our Dear Zoo story, we have replaced the camel with a hippo!! We started to research about hippos using Google, what interesting facts can you find out?

Task 3 – Draw a picture of our new animal and can you label the animal? Could you try writing why we sent him back? He was too…..

Remember we talked about how much mess he would make in the house if we had to keep him in the bath!

You could draw your picture and do your writing on a plain piece of paper or use this template – Dear Zoo.

Please bring your drawing and writing in to show everyone when we return.

Remember to keep practising writing your name, letter recognition and letter formation at home too!


On our return to school we revisited addition and Mrs Bashford would really like you to use objects you have at home to practise your addition and see if you can remember how to write a number sentence!

We will also be looking at positional language this week, Mrs Bashford will be uploading some videos and photos to help you learn at home.

Task 1 – Practise your counting in order 1-10, can you write the number down in order? You could use a counting collection at home to help you.

Task 2 – Find a collection of objects to practice some addition at home. Make two piles of objects and count how many you have in each pile? Now push the piles together, how many do you have in total? Can you write this number down?

Then try to write a number sentence, you can use the objects to help you or use dots under the number like we did in class. Can you try writing a number sentence independently? Can you just use your fingers to help you?

You could even try these online addition games:

Task 3 – Positional language

Our class friend Fern has been hiding in some different positions in our class room for you to find her. Can you see where she is? Is she on, in, under, behind or next to something in our classroom?

Can you put yourself or an object in each of these positions…

On a step?

In your bedroom?

Under the table?

Behind the door?

Next to the TV?

Please send us some pictures!

Over the rest of half term we will also be looking at weight and ordering of objects, money, revisiting our 2D shapes and looking at 3D shapes.

Remember to keep practising your counting, number recognition and number formation at home too!

Topic News

Our last topic was ‘All about me!

The children absolutely loved learning more about themselves and their friends. We created a very special video to showcase our work.

Our new topic for Autumn 2 is ‘Read and Sing!

We would like to encourage the children to think about their favourite books, nursery rhymes and songs. Can the children re-tell a story they know and love? Can they share their favourite nursery rhyme or sing their favourite song? We will be celebrating World Nursery Rhyme Week on 16th November and we are really excited to see where this topic takes us!

Games and activity videos

Topmarks has a great range of subject related games and activites that can be accessed on a tablet or laptop –

Jack Hartman –  I love to rhyme –

Cosmic Kids Yoga Safari and nursery rhymes-

Dance Freeze –

Action song –  I’m so happy –

Shake our sillies out –


  • Homework will be given out on a Monday. This half term we have put the Reception Homework Grid Autumn 2 in your child’s homework book. It is up to you and your child to complete one piece of homework each week. Homework books need to be returned to every Monday for homework to be marked.
  • Each child must bring their book bag each day, along with their reading record and book.
  • Make sure you read three times a week with your child. We encourage you to reread books with your child, this will help your child to remember repeated phrases and the more they see words the quicker they will become at reading them.
  • Please label everything! Jumpers, cardigans and water bottles are essential.
  • We do Outdoor Learning on a Monday and sometimes a Thursday afternoon in all weathers.
  • We use our outdoor provision daily so wellies are essential, please bring in a pair to leave in school.
  • Each child needs arrive in PE kit on Wednesday mornings, ready for our PE activities.

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