Red Hall

Primary School

Believe and Achieve



The Reception teacher is Miss Newhouse.

Reception teaching Assistant is Mrs Pidgeon.

The children are at the center of all learning in our nursery at Red Hall Primary School. We follow their interests and fascinations, listening to any questions they have and encouraging exploration and wonder. We document this learning in our floor books, wall displays and in the children’s learning journeys. We begin each half term with a topic, how these topics develop is completely up to the children. We follow their interests and return to them repeatedly, building on their ideas and provoking deeper thinking. We value every child’s ideas and collaborate with them in the learning process.

Children love to ask questions, it is one way they make sense of the world. Children are able to pose questions to us and investigate the answers; we want to allow them to feel in charge of their own learning. We aim to use inquiry-based approaches to learning to promote investigation, in turn creating an interesting, engaging and meaningful learning for the children. Our last topic was ‘Why do leaves go crispy?’ This initial question lead to children learning about where apples come from. Which fruit grows on trees? What do birds eat? And much more. We never quite know where a topic may take us.

Our learning environment has strong Reggio Emilia and Montessori influences. We use natural, recycled materials, which support open-ended play and encourage children to use their imagination. Every aspect of the environment is carefully thought out to encourage independence and to inspire the children.

We spend time every day practising the skills needed for reading and writing such as hearing sounds, writing our name and making marks. The children learn about numbers, shapes and measuring through games and hands-on activities.


Topic News

Throughout the year we cover lots of different topics, all exciting and engaging. We follow the children's interests too, ensuring we answer all the questions they ask. Some of the questions we have had this term include:

"Do all leaves turn brown?"

"Will my barbies hair change colour in water?"

We facilitate the children to find their own answers and encourage them to take ownership and be proud within their learning.

We follow a two year plan in Nursery and Reception so your child will cover some topics in Nursery then different topics in Reception. We learn about dragons, dinosaurs, farms, the seaside, shadows, seasons, being healthy, space, mini-beasts, our senses, the wider world, plants, pets, food as well as choosing topics that the children are interested in.


Our new topic is....

Our new topic will be 'Dinosaurs' and all of the children are very excited for this. In our first week back we expect a visit from a very special dinosaur who may have some challenges for us. As the children lead our learning we don't know much more about the topic yet. We can't wait to see where the children take us this half term.





  • Homework is given out on a Monday in your child's homework book and is due in on Friday.
  • Make sure you read at home every night for at least 10 minutes and get it signed at least three times a week (if you have lost or forgotten your reading record you can always download one from the School Library page).
  • Finally, we have our Points make Prizes challenges for parents to help with. Expect some special prizes for these!

Children will return to school on Tuesday October 31st.

Hope you all have a fantastic half term!


We have come to the end of the topic Why do leaves go crispy? 

We held our express to showcase the children's learning this week, the Early Years team would like to thank all the parents/carers for making it a huge success!

Parents and children collaborated to decorate leaves, The Gruffalo and make a Leaf Man from the book The Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed this term. 'Story time with Sewell' was amazing in the forest with AM attendees and children, unfortunately rain on the afternoon pushed us into the hall, but it didn't dampen the day at all!

Thank you to our Parents/Carers for all your continued support!


During Literacy we look at different letters and sounds. The children have been exploring 's' this week. They enjoyed decorating 's' with different materials. We have continued practising our names, the children enjoyed decorating their names.


During Maths Reception have been exploring shape. The children took a great interest in making owls out of shapes and also making shapes out of other items.

This week reception went on a hunt for m & a words around school then sorted them in to categories of which started with m and which started with a. The children are good at this.



We went on a leaf hunt and the children were interested in all the different colours of the leaves. So we glued the colours to card and discovered no pink or purple leaves. The children were also very interested in the different types of leaves so we went looking for maple leaves, we found lots!


Hamsterley forest


The children had a fantastic time at Hamsterley Forest!

The weather held out for us and we found the Gruffalo! We explored the grounds of Hamsterley forest and had lots of fun with the children in the play areas nestled within the trees.