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Year 3

“Never stop learning; for when we stop learning, we stop growing.” – Jack Lewman


Our teacher is Miss Scorer and our teaching assistants are Miss Wade and Miss Bramley. We want every child in our class to create lots of memories, build positive relationships, have fun and to achieve their full potential in everything that they do! In class 3 we love books and love to read for pleasure. We also know that making mistakes is a part of our learning journey and that we should never feel ashamed of making them.

Welcome back Class 3!!

Wow, this academic year has been a strange one to say the least, however our Class 3 children have been extremely brave, strong and resilient throughout this time. You make me so proud every single day.  I am so happy to have you ALL back in class with me so that me can continue to grow, laugh, learn and make memories together.

As well as your learning, your well-being is still VERY important to us. In Class 3 we know that we can be open with each other to how we are feeling, even if we are struggling to pin point these emotions. We understand that if we are feeling this way it is difficult for our brains to focus and to learn and that sometimes we need to give ourselves a few minutes to reflect, breathe and regulate. This is when children can ask and are encouraged to, take some time within our relaxing ‘Time and Space’ area so that they can take this time that they need. Within our ‘Time and Space’ area there are breathing technique cards, regulating activities, soft pillows and blankets and relaxing low-level lighting to comfort the children. Each child also has a ‘Time and Space’ card within their personal trays if they want to be more discrete in front of the other children.

How your child is learning at home is very important to us. You can email the School any pictures of work you may have.


Now that we are all back at school we have started to focus on Adventure Stories! The children’s cold writes were really good so I am super excited to see the AMAZING progress that I know they will make in their hot writes. It is great to have the children back as it means our lessons can be much more practical again.

As always, we have been encouraging the children to read as much as they can. The children have been keen to do their quizzes on Accelerated Reader, as well as the Star Reader Tests since they have all returned and we have seen some fantastic results! Keep up the great reading everyone.


We have picked back up our Maths topic of shapes since the children have returned. They have all improved so much on recognising the names, faces, edges and vertices of 3D shapes. We have just started looking at turns and angles these last few days. We all went into the hall to work as a big team turning clockwise/anti-clockwise 1/2, 1/4 or 3/4 turns. It was so much fun! We are excited about making right-angle finders and going on a right-angle hunt around school this week!



FINALLY, we get to learn about The Stone Age to the Iron Age!! Our question for this topic is ‘Would you prefer to live in Pre-historic Britain or Britain today?’. We have had our hook into this topic and have listed LOADS of things that we want to find out. We are so excited.

To link with our Topic focus, we are also currently doing Pre-historic art in our Art lessons. So far, we’ve drawn, scales, shaded and blended our own picture of wildlife using coal. It was a little messy but we LOVED it. Soon, we will be creating our very own cave paintings and making the paint for this out of natural resources like mud, grass and berries.

I wonder where the children will continue to take this topic?

What we are learning about in other subjects

  • Science: We are learning about forces and will then be moving onto rocks and fossils.
  • PSHE: Relationships and our bodies.
  • Computing: We have finished databases and are moving onto Computer Science.
  • RE: In RE we are learning about Christian beliefs during Easter.


  • Homework is given out on a Thursday and is due in on the following Tuesday.
  • Please label everything!
  • P.E is taking place on a Wednesday and a Friday.
  • Reading is a vital skill, we expect our children to read a minimum of three times a week. All children have access to MyOn as well as reading books in school. This means that there is NO excuse not to be reading!
  • Children must know all of their times tables by the end of year 4, so we expect the children to be accessing TTRS at least three times a week. Practicing is the key to learning!
  • If you are signed up, TTRS club is on a Tuesday after school from 3-3:30pm. Please make sure that you inform the office if your child is unable to attend.
  • For those signed up, breakfast club is each morning from 8:30am. Please try to be as punctual as possible. If your child no longer wants to attend this then please inform the office as other children would love to have the opportunity to join.

Virtual Learning

If our bubble closes it will be an expectation for all learning to take place online, just like how it was during lockdown. NO work packs will be given, all learning will take place virtually over Google Classrooms, so please keep your login details safe.

Just a reminder: This email address should ONLY be used for learning purposes and NOT for the children to contact each other over via Playstation, Xbox or any other platforms.


Useful Websites

  • Reading –
  • Times Tables Rockstars –
  • Spelling practice –
  • P.E –
  • Phonics (those who I have given login details to) –
  • Phonics games –
  • Educational games, videos and activities –
  • Games, activities and research for Science, History and Geography –


Class 3 Newsletter

Class 3 Newsletter