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Little Leaps

Welcome to Little Leaps at Red Hall Primary School

Where small steps mean so much!

Welcome to our fantastic, Red Hall Primary’s, ‘Little Leaps’ learning hub.

Our Staff Miss Hayman and Mrs Luxon have created this superb classroom, to support some of our Key Stage 2 pupils, who have needed a much more personalised way of learning.

In Little Leaps, we work hard all morning. We use a mix of teacher-led lessons, hands-on learning and continuous provision (Cool Time) to reach our individual targets. Children have their own projects that they want to work on as well as work in their English and Maths books. Some pupils have been selected to attend morning sessions, catered to their individual social and emotional needs, as well as learning needs for Literacy and Numeracy.

Little Leaps is fully resourced and has a relaxed atmosphere to allow children to learn in a calm manner and reach their full potential. Children are encouraged to develop a love for learning through practical and fun sessions.

Little Leaps learning activities are changed half termly to fit with the topic we are studying. In addition to this we have a working area, reading corner and a discussion corner complete with sofas and cushions, this helps to promote discussion. Children are fully encouraged to become independent learners.

How your child is learning at home is very important to us. You can email the School.








Key Dates

Friday 23rd October 2020 – School closed to pupils.

Our Learning

We have been focusing on understanding Fiction and Non-Fiction, ordering numbers, and counting over the last few weeks. Look at what we were able to do….

Topic News

This half-term we learned about Superheroes and wrote our own superhero story. Then we looked at UK animals and the Red Hall woodland and wrote a poem about an animal.


Every half term we invite parents to come along and visit their children. During this time parents take part in activities related to the topic. They have reported that they love to come and see how much their child has progressed and have fun with the activities themselves.


Little Leaps is proving a huge success for the school, child and the parents with comments, such as:

“My child now says I can read”

“My child wants to read and can now read”

“My daughter hated school now she skips to school”

“I can write”

“I can now keep myself calm”

“I can do my work now I have help”

“Little Leaps is a place for the children to learn how to express their emotions and learning”