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Believe and Achieve

Year 3

“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.” – Luciano De Crescenzo


Our teacher is Mrs Marshall and our teaching assistant is Miss Wade. We want every child in their class to achieve their full potential and make progress! In class 3 we love books and love to read for pleasure. We really enjoy our topic work and it inspires us to produce some fabulous pieces of writing and creative art work. If you have time why don’t you pop in and see some of our work…

How your child is learning at home is very important to us. You can email the School

Key Dates

This half-term we have some key dates coming up…



This half term we are focusing on newspaper reports and narratives.

As always, we have been encouraging the children to read as much as they can. The children have been keen to do their quizzes on Accelerated Reader and we have seen some fantastic results.


Topic News

Our topic this half term is slightly different from usual. We decided to do a social action project and let the children decide what they would like to change in the world. The children chose to look at “Plastics in the Oceans”. The children were very upset to learn that by 2050, there is expected to be more plastic in the ocean than fish! They decide to make some small steps to change this. They have written persuasive letters to Ms Davidson asking if we can swap from disposable plastic cups used at tuck shop to paper ones. We are eagerly waiting her reply! We have looked at the properties of plastics and thought of alternatives.

The children also had great fun creating sea creatures out of plastic.

Wilderness School

Last half term, Year 3 had the fantastic opportunity to go to Wilderness School. The children did so much learning- all outside. They wrote some fantastic poems. Here are a few examples.

Beneath my feet I could hear the sticks cracking

Above my head I heard branches snap

(Above my head I heard trees creak)

I saw long, brown logs

(I saw a tree as big as a giant)

I heard the wind howl

I smelt the wind going past my nose

I felt the cream-like bark on the tree

Beneath my feet is a brown leaf, as crunchy as dry biscuits

Above my head there is a tree branch whacking me like a ninja

I saw a creepy tee staring at me with its glaring eyes

(I saw a tree as big as a green hulk)

I heard the wind blowing at me with its huge mouth

(I heard birds singing like they’re in a musical)

I smelt smoke which is twirling like a ballerina

I felt the wind brushing against my skin




Beneath my feet I heard something crackle

(Beneath my feet I felt the fluffiness of moss climbing up my feet)

Above my head are long, tall branches swaying as I move

(Above my head I saw a tree waving as fast as a cheetah running from a storm)

I saw a tree as big as a giant

I felt rain drops on my head as if a mouth watering panther is sat on top of a tree

I saw lots of eyes scowling at me as I walked past

I smelly a minty, green earthy smell


We also measured the circumference and height of trees, wrote songs and looked at minibeasts and habitats. The children also whittled their own sticks for roasting marshmallows. We sang some fun camp song around the campfire whilst drinking hot chocolate and eating the roasted marshmallows!



This half term we have been focusing on: time, Roman numerals and equivalent fractions. Look at the fantastic work the children have been busy with.


  • Children can bring sun cream in to apply themselves.
  • Homework is given out on a Friday and is due in on the following Wednesday.
  • Please label everything!
  • On Mondays, it is the Monday Mile. Children can come to school wearing their Red Hall PE kit. We also have swimming on a Friday.
  • Reading is a vital skill, we expect our children to read a minimum of three times a week. Please sign the reading record each time they have read.
  • Children must know all of their times tables by the end of year 4 so keep practising every week!