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Year 2

Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon!‘ – Paul Brant

Our teacher is Miss Newhouse and our amazing teaching assistant is Mrs Pidgeon. This year we also have the lovely Miss Whittle in our class, who is training to become a teacher. Miss Newhouse, Mrs Pidgeon and Miss Whittle always want us to be the best we can be and reach our full potential in everything that we do! We know that it is OK to make mistakes and that this is part of our learning journey. 

In Class 2 we are doing this very differently this year! Instead of everyone sitting at tables in a formal manner, we have introduced a play-based environment. We have challenges each week that the children complete and small group work every day. We have only been doing this a few weeks but already we can see the children love it!

The children have been making UK landmarks in the construction area, making phonic words from beads, solving number puzzles, organising animals into mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish as well as researching their own questions on the computer.  We cannot wait to see what else we can learn through play! Our children are becoming such independent and curious learners.

Our Learning

Click here to download our Autumn Newsletter so see our learning across the curriculum. 

Here is a sneak peak….

Virtual Learning

From Tuesday 10th November – Monday 23rd November Miss Newhouse or Miss Whittle will upload activities for the class to complete while they’re isolating. Each day there will be a Phonics, English and Maths activity like we would have every morning in school. Then there will be two afternoon lessons every day for your child to complete. As well as virtual lessons, Miss Newhouse gave every child a pack before they left school on Tuesday 10th November as some parents prefer work sheets. If you are having any issues accessing or completing the work, please ring the school office and let us know. 

Miss Newhouse, Mrs Pidgeon or Miss Whittle will ring during the week to see how you’re getting on. Stay safe and we will see you Tuesday 24th November 2020. 

Here are our expectations for Home Learning.


We aer focussing on how to spell common exception words (words that are written down differently than how we would sound them out).

Tuesday’s video to watch

Tuesday’s task – Can you complete the sheet and practise writing other -ould words?

Click here to download the sheet.


We are working on describing different turns. 

Tuesday’s video to watch –


Tuesday’s task – Can you play Simon Says and ask someone to turn e.g. a half? A full turn? A three quarter turn? A half-turn clockwise etc.


Phonics lessons will be uploaded here. You will have to ask your child which group they’re in or you can ring the office if they can’t remember. Your task is to watch the video and if you can write some of the words down with the new sound. 

Tuesday’s lessons are below:

Mrs Pidgeon’s group

Miss Singh’s group

Miss Whittle’s group

Afternoon Lessons

Tuesday’s Geography lesson

We need to be able to name the four UK countries and the four capital cities. Can you watch the video and name all four countries and the four capital cities?



Tuesday’s History lesson 

We’re looking at talking about our own memories as well as events that happened before we were born. Can you make a timeline with your child? Maybe it could be events that have happened in your family. Remember to write the year.

You can download a blank timeline here.


  • Phonics games –
  • Timetable Rockstars –
  • Free ebooks and Spelling games – Our class username is Class1RHP and the password is Class1RHP
  • Classroom Secrets Kids has reading, writing and maths activities –
  • Topmarks has lots of games and activities for a wide range of subjects that can be played on a tablet or laptop –

Photo Gallery

We have taken some photos over the last few weeks of the children learning in the play-based areas. If you want to see more photos check out our gallery.

How your child learns at home is very important to us; you can email us with any pictures or videos. Your child has their own book that they updated themselves with learning or questions they do themselves. We could print off any photos or comments to go into their book.


Usually, in Year 1 the children sit a Phonics Screening Test to see to test the children’s phonic and reading ability. This year because of COVID-19, children in Year 1 never sat this test so the test was moved to Year 2 for this year only. Your child will have Phonics homework targeted to the sounds they need to learn, daily phonic lessons as well as intervention sessions.

There are plenty of phonic games your child can play at home and videos you can watch to support your child such as:


  • Homework is given out on a Monday and comes back every Friday. 
  • Make sure you read at home every night for at least 10 minutes and get it signed at least three times a week.
  • At the end of each half-term, the children who have completed every piece of homework and read three times every week have a reward party!
  • Each child needs to come into school in their PE kit every Wednesday.

Key Dates

Date Time Event
02.11.20 All day Class 2 start virtual learning.
05.11.20 All day Class 2 can return to school.