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Sports Premium Impact Statement 2015/16

Main Aims


Intended Impact / Impact
1. To promote dance within the school During an Arts Mark discussion in June 2015, it was agreed that more needed to be done with PE and dance this academic year in order to gain a higher award next year.

At least one half term of dance is proposed for each class.

What took place:

·      Year 3 and 4 children took part in the dance festival. An afterschool dance club began

·      We found dance was exceptionally expensive, therefore the PE budget alone could not fund dance for each class for all half terms.

·      Children in Years 1 and 2, 3 and 4 had dance sessions weekly for a half term – however this did not happen for UKS2

More will be done this year, as we have appointed a Sports Apprentice who has a ‘dance’ background.

2. More CPD Opportunities A staff needs analysis will take place in PE in Autumn 1, this will establish what staff feel they require in order to take PE forward.

Staff analysis took place. It was decided that it was more cost efficient to employ coaches on a half termly basis to teach children, with the teacher watching, instead of paying for CPD, which teachers may then not share with others.

Team teaching using expertise from coaches is already taking place this academic year to upskill staff.

3. Offer a range of alternative sports. We feel our children will embrace alternative sports, such as fencing. Therefore, we intend to buy the specialist equipment needed for these sports.

Children in UKS2 took part in Fencing, as fencing equipment had been bought. This was something which they thoroughly enjoyed and this needs to be developed further during the coming academic year.

4. To develop outdoor learning We believe children need to spend time completing sporting activities, however, we believe teamwork is just as important. We have recently refurbished our outdoor area and, therefore, have timetabled sessions to use this woodland with our trained outdoors education specialist who we are lucky enough to have on our staff.

Due to staff absence, this did not have the impact I hoped. NB who was due to deliver the sessions was on long term sick and was therefore unable to deliver sessions

Further developments and intentions:

  • There is a new OE lead for this academic year
  • The outdoor area is also being revamped
  • We are looking into paying for a company to work with Year 4 and 5 children for 6 days each, using the outdoors as a stimulus for learning
  • A fire pit is also going to be a feature in the revamped outdoor environment
  • Parents are going to be involved