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Sports Premium 2014/15

Number of Pupils and Sports Premium Received
Total number of pupils on roll 204
Number of pupils eligible for Sports Premium 170
Total amount of Sports Premium Funding Received £8,385

Sports Premium Funding expenditure

Beginning in September 2013, all schools were given money which was ring-fenced and only to be spent on improving the provision of sport in Primary Schools. The amount of money given to schools was dependent on the amount of children they had, aged 5 years old or over. The table below identifies our aims for last year and the impact this has on staff and children.

Main Aims 2014/2015 Impact
1. To hire qualified sports coaches to work alongside teachers teaching PE Years 1-6 worked with several sports coaches throughout the year, ranging from gymnastics coaches, specialist PE coaches, athletics, dance and football coaches. Classes from Year 1 – 6 had the privilege of working with many different coaches at least once every half term.

Nursery and Reception children worked with a dance coach and a multi-skills coach towards the end of the school year.

This has impacted on teacher’s confidence; however s school we are more aware of staff requiring more support for the delivery of PE.

2. To improve the number of sporting festivals being attended. Children at Red Hall took part in a fantastic amount of sporting festivals last academic year. We had over 80 children receiving certificates in a celebration assembly which celebrated the sporting achievements of all children who were involved in training for competitions and who were selected for teams.

In sporting after school clubs, 60% of our Key Stage 2 children were involved each week. There was a wide variety of after school clubs available: swimming, athletics, netball, boy’s football, girl’s football, MFC coaching, multi-skills and many more.

Attending a range of competitions against other schools has built confidence and consequently participation. In addition, having access to different venues for after school clubs, i.e. swimming clubs has resulted in stronger school teams.

3. To increase enthusiasm in PE, both in school time and after school Children’s enthusiasm has been heightened this year by using the sports premium money to engage the children in sports. The number of sporting before, during and after school clubs has been the best it has ever been, which has impacted positively on friendly matches with other schools and also on improving Red Hall’s sporting reputation within Darlington. Due to our provision in school, we completed a Sainsbury’s School Games Application for a Silver Award, however, during a moderation meeting, the moderator believed we had ‘undersold’ ourselves and awarded us a ‘Gold Award’. This is something we are exceptionally proud of!

Participation in PE lessons will be tracked more closely this year, so non-participants can be identified, and targeted through special after school clubs, which will engage and enthuse them.

4. To provide opportunities for children to compete in school sports Money has helped to increase the number of coaches in school meaning children are ‘competition ready’. More children also want to take part in School Sports due to training from coaches and increased confidence. When speaking to children they stated they felt proud to be part of a team when playing against schools in the town and also the county.

We will look at ensuring all children who would like to represent our school during sporting events have these opportunities during the next academic year.