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Pupil Premium 2016/17

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received
Total number of pupils on roll 203
% of pupils eligible for PPG 61%
Total amount of PPG received £163,680


Use of the Pupil Premium 2016/2017
Item/project Cost Objective
Support for the family and pupil well being
Embed the strengthening work of a pupil well-being team which includes;

·         Full time Family Support Worker

·         Children’s Counsellor

·         PCSO to support Attendance

·         Learning Mentor

·         Educational Psychologist Support

£65000 ·         To establish early links with parents of children considered to be vulnerable

·         To provide family learning opportunities

·         To assist with improving overall attendance rates.

·         To provide early intervention for pupils at risk.

·         To ensure pupils are more able to focus on learning and, as a result, attainment and / or progress improves.

·         To further improve behaviour around school / within lessons leading to improved attainment /progress of identified children.

·         To improve transition to Secondary School through the Learning Mentor link and programmes of activity.

Reward Systems for encouraging Attendance and Punctuality. £1550


·         To motivate children and make them proactive in their own responsibilities of getting to school.
CPD for PSHE/Mental Health and Well Being £600 ·         Further develop emotional/social support of pupils throughout the school day.

·         Better staff understanding of Mental Health and well being.

Breakfast Club and Uniform Support £1000 ·         To improve attendance and punctuality for identified children. As a result attainment and/or progress improve too.

·         To provide children with uniform if required to ensure they have a sense of identity and belonging.

Marvellous Me app. £1000 ·         To ensure better engagement with pupils and parents across the school leading to better progress of pupils in school.
Support for learning and the curriculum
Raising Staffing Levels £45000 ·         To provide full time and consistent support in each year group, providing intervention and mentoring on a full time basis.
Continue to provide for pupils within the school’s learning hub £28000 ·         To provide intense learning and nurture support which meets the personalised needs of the pupils within the hub.
1:1 Tuition/Support and holiday clubs  for all pupils including the more able £15500 ·         To understand and identify the barrier’s to individual pupils’ learning.

·         To provide 1:1 and small group tuition in maths, English and phonics.

Improved delivery of phonics  and spelling teaching £3000 ·         To raise standards in phonics, spelling and improve whole school attainment and progress in writing.
Increase opportunity and experience
To build on outdoor learning experiences whole school and further residential opportunities at Y6/Y4/Y3 £2500 ·         To raise confidence, establish team building qualities, social cohesion and create level of independence and  to help older children to be ‘Secondary ready

·         To develop outdoor learning opportunities across the school.

Enrichment Programmes Development of opportunities to engage in the Arts. £2000 To increase motivation and engagement in learning beyond the core subjects.