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Pupil Premium 2014/15

Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure: 2014/2015

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant received (PPG) received
Total number of pupils on roll 211
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG 118
Total amount of PPG received £153,400.00
Performance of Pupil Premium Pupils
2014 2015
% of pupils making expected progress in Writing 100% 100%
% of pupils making better than expected progress in Writing 47% 67%
% of pupils making expected progress in Reading 100% 100%
% of pupils making better than expected progress in Reading 73% 56%
% of pupils making expected progress in Maths 100% 100%
% of pupils making better than expected progress in Maths 67% 67%
Aim of Support 2014/2015
  • To help build expectations of parents and children and, in turn, their relationship with themselves and school.
  • To assist with improving overall attendance rates particular persistent absences.
  • To provide early intervention for pupils at risk.
  • To provide full time and consistent support in each year group, providing intervention and mentoring on a full-time basis.
  • To increase motivation and engagement in learning.
Impact Statement
We are very proud of the achievement of all our pupils at Red Hall Primary School including those eligible for Pupil Premium. Our data shows that children eligible for pupil premium make good and in some cases outstanding progress from their starting points. Progress at KS1 this academic year was good and progress at KS2 was outstanding.

The employment of a non-teaching SENCO and Family Support Worker has ensured that children are included and engaged in learning. Parents are supported effectively and a Family Activity Group has been established. Last academic year our school counsellor worked with 9 pupils intensely. 3 of these pupils were Y6 pupils with significant barriers to learning, 2 of whom were eligible for Pupil Premium. Both pupils made better than expected progress from their starting points in all subjects.

The employment of additional teaching assistants has ensured that we can offer additional support, both in and out of class, in order to achieve better differentiation and targeted interventions. This has enabled us to meet children’s needs better through the personalisation of learning including targeted intervention and 1:1 tuition.

Attendance data for the school shows an improvement and the number of persistent absentees has been reduced.