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Where Learning is FUN!


The Nursery Teachers are Mrs Luxon, Mr Hutton, Miss Richardson and Miss Piper.

We love learning through play and even though your child may say “All we do is play” we promise that tons of learning takes place every day without the children realising.

We also love learning through the outdoors so your child may come home a little muddy sometimes but they will have had an amazing time.

We also spend time every day practising the skills needed for reading and writing such as hearing sounds, writing our name and making marks. The children also learn about numbers, shapes and measuring through games and hands-on activities

There are lots of different topics that we cover each year but we also try to follow the children’s interests so if the children are really interested in babies we will set up our learning areas with resources to explore this topic or choose a book that links to this interest.



We follow a three-year plan in Nursery and Reception so your child will cover some topics in Nursery then different topics in Reception. We learn about dragons, dinosaurs, farms, the seaside, shadows, seasons, being healthy, space, mini-beasts, our senses, the wider world, plants, pets, food as well as choosing topics that the children are interested in.



  • We don’t give out formal homework in Nursery but...
  • Make sure your child reads at home every night and sign the reading record (if you have lost or forgotten your reading record you can always download one from the School Library page).
  • We give out an information sheet which tells you what we have been learning about each week or half-term.
  • At the entrance to Nursery, there is a board which will have extra worksheets or ideas for you to try at home.
  • Finally, we have our Points make Prizes challenges for parents to help with. Expect some special prizes for these!


Why is water wet? 

Our new topic is ‘why is water wet?’ to celebrate the beginning of our new topic we held a pirates and mermaids day. We read stories about creatures that live in the ocean, spoke about where pirates and mermaids live, went on a treasure hunt, made sand castles, eye patches, flags, rainbow fish and jelly fish. We then all decorated and ate ice creams! We can’t wait for our up coming trip to the seaside to consolidate our topic.


We took part of lots of activities at Seven Stories. We listened to two stories in the comfy attic: "The Good Little Wolf" and "That's not a good idea." Then we had lunch and explored the "Aliens love Underpants" room. We even looked at some books for older boys and girls in the Michael Morpurgo room.

Later we learned about different types of bears, went on a bear hunt and read lots of bear stories. To end the day we took part in lots of different activities about bears including dressing up like bears, exploring a bear cave and playing in the pretend snow zone.
We all had a fantastic day
Our trip to Saltburn was a huge success! All the children enjoyed their morning in the park and their afternoon on the beach. Thank you again to all the parents for their on going support.
This was a fantastic end to our topic why is water wet?

During the 6 weeks holidays we are pleased to announce we are running a holiday club and still have places available. These are on a first come, first served basis. Contact the office if you require more information.

This will run from Monday 24th July until Friday the 28th 9am - 2pm and is £25 for the week. Please provide your child with a packed lunch from home. The monies raised will be used to replenish our equipment within early years.

The early years staff have kindly given up their time to run the club.


Children return to school Monday September 4th

Have a fantastic summer!