Red Hall Primary

Red Hall

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Nursery Teacher: Miss Egglestone & Miss Wharton

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Bradford

The children are at the center of all learning in our Nursery at Red Hall Primary School. We follow their interests and fascinations, listening to any questions they have and encouraging exploration and wonder. We document this learning in our floor books, wall displays and in the children’s learning journeys. We begin each half term with a topic, how these topics develop is completely up to the children. We follow their interests and return to them repeatedly, building on their ideas and provoking deeper thinking. We value every child’s ideas and collaborate with them in the learning process.

Children love to ask questions, it is one way they make sense of the world. Children are able to pose questions to us and investigate the answers; we want to allow them to feel in charge of their own learning. We aim to use inquiry-based approaches to learning to promote investigation, in turn creating an interesting, engaging and meaningful learning for the children.

Our learning environment has strong Reggio Emilia and Montessori influences. We use natural, recycled materials, which support open-ended play and encourage children to use their imagination. Every aspect of the environment is carefully thought out to encourage independence and to inspire the children.

How your child is learning at home is very important to us. You can email the School to share experiences or come into School and fill in a Wow moment for your child’s Learning Journey.



We follow a three-year plan in Nursery and Reception so your child will cover some topics in Nursery then different topics in Reception. We learn about dragons, dinosaurs, farms, the seaside, shadows, seasons, being healthy, space, mini-beasts, our senses, the wider world, plants, pets, food as well as choosing topics that the children are interested in.

We have started our new topics last week after something mysterious happened at the river in Red Hall! Nursery couldn't believe what we had found and that led us wanting to find out more about our different ideas. We are investigating: What is a superhero? Where do sharks live? Are monsters real? Batman even visited Nursery to tell us all about his superhero powers! We have created paintings of what we think superheroes look like and have been fishing for numbers in our outdoor area.
We have started our new Dear Zoo story map and are beginning to become familiar with the animals in the story and our actions that we have created.
Our exciting new topic that we will be starting is minibeasts and we will be visiting Hamsterley Forest this half term to see what minibeasts we may find.
All children have settled into Nursery well and will continue to thrive throughout the year.

Our Learning

Last week we learned about Harvest and made bread for the upcoming Harvest Festival.


Parental Involvement

  • The role of parents and carers is very important to us. We have started a 'Parent and Carers Committee' and will soon be holding our first meeting. We want to provide a bigger voice to the parents and hope this will allow them to become more involved in the learning which takes place in nursery.
  • We nearly finished 'Points make prizes'. This scheme aims to provide fun projects for children to do with parents and carers at home. The more projects completed means more points, more points means more prizes. Please get involved!
  • We have provided all children with a book bag and school reading book. We are hoping to promote reading for pleasure and quality time between children and adults at home. Please read 3 times a week with your child.