Red Hall

Primary School

Believe and Achieve

Curriculum Plan

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Early Years Why can’t I have chocolate for breakfast?

Children will learn about the things that we eat, how they can affect our health and how foods change state.




Why do you love me so much?

Learning about themselves and their relationships with others.







Can I have a dog yet?

Learning about children’s pets and how they look after them and the life process of living thinks.





Am I the fastest?

Develops children’s physical activity and outdoor play.





Can we explore it?

Develops children’s curiosity about exploration, travel and discovery.




Why is water wet?

Children will look at the properties of water and where it comes from and how to keep safe near water.





Year 1/2 Superheroes

Children will discover their favourite superheroes, real life heroes from the emergency services and imaginary.


Street Detectives

Learn about our local community, looking at houses old and new and finding out how our streets have changed since our mums and dads were young.


Wriggle and Crawl

Children will discover the world of mini-beasts.




Rio De Vida

A project about life in Rio.




Splendid Skies

Continuous throughout.





Year 3/4 Gods and Mortals

Children will discover the world of mythical creatures and legendary heroes from ancient Greece.




Children will investigate the amazing magical world of potions and their properties.




Mighty Metals

Children will explore the scientific world of forces and magnetism, metals and materials.




Urban Pioneers

Children will explore the sights and sounds of the city through the arts.


Road Trip USA

Children will learn how to plan and prepare for a trip to the BIG APPLE!




Year 5/6 Revolution

Children will learn about life in a Victorian classroom and the inventors of the Victorian Age.


Darwin’s Delight

Children will take part in an exciting expedition with Charles Darwin and look at how he developed his theory of evolution.


Beast Creator

Children will search for mini-beasts, classify them, learn about their habitats and discover the world of some of the deadliest beasts on the planet.



Scream Machine 

Children will learn about the science behind roller coasters and design their own theme park.