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Starting primary education

Click on the following link to access Darlington Borough Council – School Admissions

Children are admitted to full-time education in September of the academic year in which their 5th birthday falls. Arrangements are made to enable parents/carers to meet Reception class staff, and for children to become familiar with routines, to ensure smooth transition into school – for example staying for lunch; meeting their new teacher and spending time in the new classroom. The Head Teacher has an introduction to school meeting with parents/carers in the Summer Term prior to the child’s admission to Reception.

Parent/Carers of older children, who are being admitted to school, are asked to make an appointment with the Head Teacher to look around the school and discuss the admission procedures.

Special Arrangements

Please inform us if you or your child suffer from any disability so we can assess needs and make any adaptations necessary in order to make our school accessible. If we are unable to meet needs this will be discussed before admission.

  • All letters are available in larger font size. Please enquire at the school office.
  • We have 2 accessible toilets.
  • There is disabled access to the building

Applications for Reception Places 2019/20

Children born between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015 are eligible to start school in Reception in September 2019. Parents/carers have a right to express a preference for a primary school(s) they prefer but there is no guarantee that a place can be allocated at one of them.

Do you live in the Borough of Darlington?

YES – Then you must apply on the Darlington Primary Application Form (PSA). No matter which primary schools you are interested in, whether located in the Borough of Darlington or in another local authority area.

NO – If you don’t live in Darlington then you must apply on the application form supplied by the local authority area that you live in.

How to Apply 

Primary School Application Guide 2019/20 [pdf document]

The easiest way to apply is completing the online application form. If you do not have access to the internet, then an application form can be obtained from the School Admissions Team. 

Where a family intends to move into the Borough, a request for a school place based on the new address cannot be considered until a letter is provided from a licensed conveyancer or solicitor confirming exchange of contracts.

All other applications will only be considered once the process for allocating places has been applied to those applications received by the deadline.

The PSA should also be completed even if your child is currently undergoing a Statutory Assessment.

You can view the interactive associated areas map and associated list [pdf document]. Tables in the guide provide information on previous years intakes.

You can also find reports about schools [external link] on the website of the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) and annual school performance tables [external link].

Each local authority co-ordinates the admission arrangements for children starting education for schools within their area. Darlington local authority will make a single offer of a school place for the academic year 2019/2020 to parents/carers resident in Darlington.

It is important that you read this guide in conjunction with your application, Primary Guide for Parents 2019 – 20 [pdf document].

Offer Date

Darlington Local Authority will issue decision letters by 16 April 2019.

Parents will have an initial 14 working days to respond to the offer letter to accept/decline the school place offered. You are required to reply to the offer by Monday 6 May 2019. They will then receive a reminder letter and after 21 working days from the offer being made, the LA will then look to withdraw the offer.

The Head Teacher cannot offer your child a place or guarantee that a place will be available.

Any enquiries regarding the process contact the School Admissions Team on 01325 406333 or email



Children are admitted to the Foundation Unit the term after they reach the age of three. Names can be placed on the waiting list from the beginning of the school year in which the child will be two years old. We will arrange visits for your child so that he/she can be integrated into the life of the Foundation Unit and feel confident to be left for a whole session. Children attend the Foundation Unit for five sessions per week and we feel that this is an important time when they make progress towards independence and full-time education.We also have provision for 2-year-olds for people in receipt of certain benefits.